June 12, 2005

Man, was I wrong about Southwick!

"Mr. 100", Team Makita Suzuki's Rick Carmichael won his 100th National today, after overcoming a crash in the first moto (in which he finished second to Chad Reed) and then winning the second moto going away. Here's the story on the AMA's website.

Now, Carmichael hasn't won 100 Nationals, today was the 100th National event that he has entered. But he won it and while his consecutive moto win streak was snapped, his consecutive overall win streak continues.

What happened to Boogie? Good question; James dropped out of the first moto and didn't contest the second. Still looking for answers. I've said I thought James still has a chance for the championship... not after today's performance.

In the 250F class, I predicted a win by Mike Alessi and a poor performance by Grant Langston... I sort of got it right, but I was mostly wrong. Big ups to Langston for winning his second overall of the year, even on a still-tender ankle, and even after Alessi took the first moto. Mike apparently crashed out of moto 2. What a day!

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