May 24, 2008

Glen Helen Practice: Killer Pics by Hoss

Check out Joe Gibbs Racing's Charles Summey railing this sandy berm at Glen Helen. He's looking pretty fast here, right? Dude was flying. However the AMA's stopwatch put him in 30th place, meaning there were 29 guys railing even faster. It seems almost impossible there are that many fast guys racing the nationals.

Summey's 2:53.987 put him in mid-pack, as there was a total of 75 big bike riders on the AMA's practice list, but it was more than 11 seconds slower than the 2:42.278 lap that James Stewart blasted to set fastest time on the day. Surprisingly, Summey did beat Ben Townley's 2:54.192.

This great photo was taken by Factoryphoto, who has a stunning gallery of today's practice pics here. Very impressive.

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