May 31, 2008

Hangtown Saturday: who are these guys?

Looking at the top five free practice times in the 250 class the inevitable Villopoto, Dungey, Lawrence... but, J-Law is in 5th, put there by Honda riders Kyle Cunningham and Robert Kiniry. What?

And then there's timed qualifying, and of that group, only Kiniry has to turn in a time... and he goes from a 2:07.123 in practice to a 2:09.055 when it "counts". Dude, that's the wrong way!

Seriously, DNA/BTO/Butler Bros.-sponsored Cunningham and Solitaire/MB1/Brawndo-sponsored Kiniry are great riders. It's just surprising to me to see them so fast in practice. Let's hope they turn in top five performances on Sunday.

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