May 26, 2008

James Stewart: "I'm looking forward to being in front of everybody"

That's from the Monday Conversation over at Racer X Online. And actually, what James is saying is that he's looking forward to showing up at all the nationals and racing in front of all the fans. Taken out of context, though, it sounds like he plans on being in front of his competition all season long.

Then again, maybe that's the subtext.


LliamTheUnmerciful said...

Damn PDub,
I was there with your fabulous reporting. Sure did miss being there, but this was as close as it gets without actually being at Glen Helen.
Thanks for great writing! This is an unbiased opinion, - - - Ha!


Paul said...

Thank bro. So sorry you were under the weather, 'cause you missed a virtuoso display of riding in one class, and a full-on war in the other... a great day of racing!