May 08, 2008

Remember this post?

Back in January, after James Stewart dropped out of the Monster Supercross series, I posted this link to a Steve Cox/Racer X online interview of Chad Reed, during which he said "I think they're going to try and do something..." , clearly implying that someone in control of the sport would try to influence the outcome of the series by making the tracks easier. Back then, I thought Reed was speaking the truth. I mean, after all that talk of a need for "parity" and how 450s are too powerful for mortal men to ride (whatever happened to all that 350cc nonsense anyway?), after THREE fuel fiascoes (fiascii?), I wouldn't put it past the AMA/FIM or LiveNation to do whatever they can to keep the races from becoming boring, poorly-attended parades. What a concept.

But what do we make of Reed's words now, after a truly exciting 17-race series from which he emerged triumphant despite the best efforts of those who would... what? Make a tricky rhythm section less tricky? Constantly groom the ruts between races? Really, now that the series is over, what could "they"have done to make the racing closer? I think what really happened is that Kevin Windham REALLY got fired up or excited or turned on or whatever and stepped it up like he has never done before. And that's really saying something for a guy that has always been as fast and professional as they come.

Reed's crashes, injuries and that heartbreaking DNF at Daytona are also what made this title race captivating. Chad rode with heart, raced through the pain and beat a worthy and beloved rival. I bet "they" were very pleased with the outcome. So was I.

Okay, not really. I sort of hinted at it before, but I would have been beside myself with supercross glee if Kdub had parked SuperX in the cheap seats to win the race and the championship! Kevin's got too much integrity to pull something like that... but imagine Kdub going all "Mike Alessi at Glen Helen" on Reed in the turn after the long start straight on the Vegas track, kind of like he almost did to Davi Millsaps... I believe the motocross world would have spun on its axis or something.

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